Social Service League

Natural resources awareness rally

Social Service League (SSL) is the organ of the JSL. Under this organ students of JSL serve the society. The Slogan is “LIVE AND LET LIVE” and the MISSION represents SERVICE TO MANKIND IS SERVICE TO GOD.

SSL Aims
a) To protect our natural resources.
b) To protect the mother earth .
c) To create awareness amongst mass for proper use of poly bags.
d) To create awareness about non-effluents.
e) To plant trees.
f) To train the villagers to maintain cleanliness in our environment
g) To create awareness among public about their rights and liabilities.

To this effect SSL organizes several events & is actively involved in various projects & activities. Such as-

Upcomming Events
  • Graduation Ceremony to be held on 31st May at Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park.
  • Online Form Submission : 1/6/2017 to 15/6/2017. Log on to
  • Application Fees Payment : (Instant through Debit/Credit Card, Through Bank Challan at SBI Branches) 1/6/2017 to 16/6/2017.
  • Online Admit card Download : 21/6/2017 to 24/6/2017
  • Entrance Test : 25/6/2017 (Sunday)
  • Entrance Test overall Merit List & category wise seat capacity : 30/6/2017.
  • Online Admission slip Download : Published in due course.
  • Moot court Competition : 25th-26th May.
  • Mock Parliament : 31st May.
  • Formation of New student Council : 5th June.
  • Environment day(celebration post) : 6th June.
  • Legal awareness Programme on Anti-child labour day : 7th June.
  • Intra-college debate competition : 16th June.
  • Alumni Meet : 24th June.
  • Nimbu-Pani Distribution : 27th June.
  • Guest Lecture : 30th June.
  • Workshop by red-cross society : 3rd July.
  • Intra-college legal extempore : 4th July.
  • Intra College Moot court competition : 7th July.
  • One day training Programme on soft skills & interview skills : 14th July.
  • Independence day celebration : 15th August.
  • Guest Lecture : 15th September.
  • Publication of Wall magazine : 22nd September.
Human chain

On the eve of Children's day i.e. 14th of Nov. 2018 Jyotirmoy School of Law(JSL) had gathered to celebrate the children's day. This year we had thought to make the little ones smile. .Believing the ideals of Pandit Nehru we wanted to convey our love among all those little gift of the almighty. We had distributed sweets, pencils, books etc to mark this a day special for them. It was a small endeavor from our side to make them happy and smile. The joy on their face made up our day.

Natural resources awareness rally

On1st JULY National Doctors' Day has been celebrated to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. In this occasion a voluntary blood donation & Free Thalassemia detection camp has been organized where a large number of people from the nearby villages participated. On this occasion Indian Red Cross Society also organized a workshop at Jyotirmoy School of Law.

Natural resources awareness rally

Every year SSL organizes a Free Rasna Distribution Camp. Last year on 13th May Jyotirmoy School of Law took the initiative to distribute Rasna to the persons passing by the campus.

Every year SSL organizes a Free Rasna Distribution Camp. Last year on 23th November Jyotirmoy School of Law took the initiative to distribute Rasna to the persons passing by the campus.

Natural resources awareness rally

On March 05, 2014 SSL conducted an awareness rally on “Protection of Natural resources” in nearby villages with about 100 Volunteers (Gurukul and SSL).
Now a day’s people are not much concerned of natural offerings given by our very own environment. Generation of buildings, Mills, Factories, Houses has led our environment polluted and diverted. Nobody here positively believes in Sustained growth for the future. To bring back the topic into public eye, our JSL students have come up with a hardheaded approach to make people aware of depletion and scarcity of our innate resources and their drawbacks in our society.

Free Medical Camp

On March 21st, 2014, Dr. Prakash Mollick (M.D., Homeopathy), and his team visited our JSL campus.
Later consultations were also followed to initiate with the project.
Free medicines were distributed. Apart from the staff of Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park, villagers from Pratapnagar, a nearby area to Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park, also availed the camp. Everybody has sensed a lack in rural development which has cited a major drawback in our Indian society. JSL has forwarded its initial step to guide and help the villagers to understand hygiene and health in their regular routine, and also promised to strike-up other challenges contrary to its neck to neck competitors.

Our students scripted and enacted a play named as “EKTI NADI, EKTI NAUKA, CHARTI MANUSH AR KICHUTA ONDHOKAR” on the occasion of the celebration of Republic Day on 26th January, 2017.

Our students scripted and enacted a play named as “LAJJA” on the theme “Right to Vote”.

Free Lassi Distribution

Every year SSL organizes a Free Lassi Distribution Camp.

Human chain

Human chain was formed by volunteers of SSL on May 07, 2014 in front of JKP campus to create awareness among the public about peacefully casting of vote.