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LLB is that the abbreviation for the Bachelor of Laws or the Latin counterpart – Legume Baccalaureus. It’s a knowledgeable degree within the field of legal studies at the graduation level that first originated in England. Earlier, a law degree was bestowed upon those who successfully finished a legal course in a particular law school, called “Glossators.” however with the advancement of education and consolidation of teachers, several universities and colleges offered integrated courses along with BA LLB and BBA LLB Course. Now it does not require students to finish the three-year college graduation course before applying for an LLB course.

If you want to study BA LLB in West Bengal, Kolkata, then Jyotirmoy School of Law is the best law college affiliated with Calcutta University and approved by the Bar Council of India.Most colleges in the world, especially in India are currently offering the 5 years “integrated degree” in Law. Each course is on the market, and each course provides the degree of law post-completion. All students finishing the BA LLB course will be known as “Lawyers.” The BCI or Bar Council of India is the control body that authorizes the legal course, curriculum, and observation in India

The BA LLB program at Jyotirmoy School of Law, the best law college in West Bengal, is a five-year integrated program. It covers the humanities subjects within the 1st 2 years of the course, like – social science, history, politics, and economics. Later, the course steers towards LLB programs or subjects. In different words, it's an integrated law degree course with Arts subjects within the initial 2 years.

Jyotirmoy School of Law’s BA LLB program runs with the idea that Law isn't a complete subject. Law functions in coordination with different subjects in the world and is closely related to the current social conditions. To achieve success in a law career, one has to be ready to determine and act in conjunction with the multi-dimensional approach that is achieved in Jyotirmoy School of Law, the best law college in West Bengal, through the study of history, politics, economics, and politics. It’s a five-year course, where students will apply once finishing their 10+2. The course is BCI approved.

Skills needed to study BA LLB

To achieve success, one cannot focus solely on the theoretical aspects of education. Best Law Colleges like Jyotirmoy School of Law specifically focus on the sensible side of studying BA LLB. The course in JSL is planned in consultation with legal practitioners to make sure of the success of students in the field.

Some ability sets required in a student who wish to excel in law as a career are:

  •  Excellent communication skills
  •  Finesse in language
  •  Art of persuasiveness/ negotiation
  •  Clarity of thought
  •  Inclined to analysis as a result of the legal literature is profound
  •  Ability to require stress/ diligent
  •  Impeccable presentation skills

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