Affiliated To University of Calcutta and Recognized by Bar Council Of India


General information and co-curricular activities of the school of law

The Jyotirmoy School of Law, the best Law college in Kolkata shall make every attempt to impart broad based legal education covering both technical and social aspects to the students. The starting of Jyotirmoy School of Law, Kolkata has been approved by the Government of West Bengal. It is affiliated to the University of Calcutta and approval is sought from the Bar Council of India It is proposed to create social awareness in the minds of students' community so as to make them professionally competent and their education relevant to our social requirements. A fullfledged hostel, gymnasium and a sports complex are proposed to be built in the Education Complex and all the students of law would be provided with above facilities. In the meanwhile efforts will be made to accommodate the students who are in need of hostel accommodation in private buildings not far away from the institute. The standard of I teaching shall be as good as in a National Law School and services of experienced teachers from the National Law School and professional expertise of member of the Bar of Calcutta will be utilized to ensure all round development of each and every student by paying individual attention. Among other things it is proposed to have the following curricular and extra circular activities to begin with and it would be expanded to other areas in the years to come.


The Scholars study circle at Jyotirmoy School of Law, the best law college in Kolkata is a small group of selected students and teachers and others scholar devoted to widening their areas of interest, perception and study by mutual exchanges and intensive discussion on various topics, legal and non legal. The Circle may meet once in every fortnight or even earlier to discuss any important current topic on law without disturbing the day to day study. Students at Jyotirmoy School of Law preparing for any other competitive examinations are encouraged to associate themselves with the Study Circle.


This forum at jyotirmoy School of Law, the best Law college in Kolkata is mainly meant for creating a flat form for discussion of current topics in economics and other related matters affecting national economy and planning. The forum will devise its own rules and regulations with a view to encourage discussion among the students and staff. The forum would work under the guidance of a staff advisor.