Affiliated To University of Calcutta and Recognized by Bar Council Of India



The mission of Jyotirmoy School of Law is to emerge as the best private law college in the Sonarpur region, in the southern suburbs of Kolkata, and in turn be considered the best law college in India. Jyotirmoy School of Law aims to string together a diverse body of scholars for the moral observance of law and instil in them a deep sense of integrity so that they serve people and society earnestly as champions of humanity.


In the words of Martin Luther King,” Justice denied anywhere diminishes Justice everywhere”. In a world of constant upheavals with a strong need to maintain fairness, justice and equality in all spheres of life, Jyotirmoy School of Law aims at preparing outstanding future lawyers who would serve the national and global communities with excellence, integrity and professionalism. The institution gives strong emphasis on practical training and communication skills along with professional education so that our students can secure successful career in a variety of general and legal opportunities. Jyotirmoy School of Law not only endeavours to become the best law college in Kolkata but also aims to set exemplary precedents for the rest to follow.