Affiliated To University of Calcutta and Recognized by Bar Council Of India
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“Education is not limited to the imparting of information or training of skills. It has to give the educated a proper sense of values.”
-Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

The foremost objective of Jyotirmoy School of Law is to evolve and impart comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal education that is socially relevant. Through this education, we aim to promote legal and ethical values and foster the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India. It must be viewed as an opportunity to attain certain meaningful goals such as to fully realize our potential and positively utilize the same for our own ultimate good as well as for the welfare of the humanity as a whole. This will help us develop cordial relations between each other throughout the world, as well as a life view based on balance between materiality and spirituality thereby making the mother earth a worthy place to live in where humanity and humility are valued the most. Cumulative progress needs to be fair and equitable.

Jyotirmoy School of Law is established as an institute of Law affiliated to University of Calcutta and approved by the Bar Council of India. Jyotirmoy School of Law is training a new cadre of Legal professionals through comprehensive and contemporary body of integrated knowledge and rigorous education and research programmes. Thus, the function of educational institutions is not only to act as centres of academic excellence to develop the brainpower of their students and turning them out as good professionals, but they need to act also as temples of learning ensuring the development of students’ will power and transforming them into men of good character, responsible citizens and good human beings so that their worldview and life view do not remain confined only to their individual self and personal career advancement leading to selfishness and exploitation of society for personal gains. This also helps to develop in students a sense of their moral responsibility towards these larger goals. Highly qualified faculties are committed towards accomplishing the task. Eminent scholars in Law, senior Advocates of the High Court of Calcutta and also Supreme Court of India and senior judicial officers are being invited to enlighten the students on various current legal issues.

Jyotirmoy School of Law is organizing various academic as well as co-curricular activities throughout the year like Mock Parliament, Legal aid Clinic, Moot court Competition, Intra College Debate Competition, Social Service League, Human Rights Day, Environmental Day, Law Day etc. The institution hosts popular International Law Fest ‘Anweshan’ every year within the college premises. In the fest the institution organizes international seminar and host of exhilarating social, cultural and competitive events. The institution has a well equipped library with numerous modern book stacks and varied collection of text books, journals, reference books and periodicals. Our sincere endeavor is to make legal as an instrument to achieve social, political and economic changes. Each individual who is part of this institution must be remembered for the promotion of social justice.