Affiliated To University of Calcutta and Recognized by Bar Council Of India


Moot Court

PineappleMooting is perhaps one of the activities by which a student gets the opportunity to be closest to being a lawyer while still in law school. Moot Court competitions involve identifying legal issues out of a complex fact situation and advance arguments with authorities, followed by drafting extensive written submissions; and finally, presenting the case before a bench of judges. In short, it is everything a lawyer is expected to do once they start the practice of law.

Jyotirmoy School of Law conducts moot court competitions and mock-trail regularly as a part of practical training for law students. It organizes national moot court competition annually in International Law Fest “Anweshan”.

The affairs of Moot Court club are managed by an executive committee consisting of student's representatives who are nominated by the head of the institution. There are also faculty advisors to guide and advise the executive committee.